Milstead & Associates LLC represents the Mortgage Servicing Industry with a dynamic mix of superior legal expertise, structured personnel management, and advanced technology, combined with the highest level of professionalism.  The firm offers desirable alternatives in a market challenged by saturated mega-firms. 

The Firm covers Pennsylvania and New Jersey comprehensively from Foreclosure to REO inclusive of Bankruptcy, Evictions and related litigation. Milstead Law has managed to provide timeline efficient representation on a consistent basis in both states.

Milstead Law utilizes advanced technology to mirror file tracking of the various client driven reporting to insure accountability and accuracy.  We view Bank/Servicer representation as a partnership driven by a shared desire for excellence.  Client communication and interaction is the most integral part of our success.   Milstead Clients enjoy direct access to Firm management at all times, along with immediate access to every file and account. 

Overall, it is the proper and efficient management of progressive growth over 10 years that has allowed Milstead & Associates, LLC to prosper and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. Steady volume increase and revenue is a testament to the quality and professionalism associated with the Firm's work. Competing in a market dominated by mega-firms has been a challenge that required the implementation of advanced technology, quality management style and distinguishable ethical representation. Milstead Law has met those challenges and functioned with the style and business acumen of a mega-firm without compromising our level of service. In today's turbulent marketplace, any Bank/Mortgage Servicer would immediately benefit from the addition of Milstead & Associates, LLC.